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Who qualifies for a mortgage?

Any Zambian with verifiable income qualifies to apply for a mortgage at Zambia National Building Society.

If I operate a business and require a loan to boost my business, do I qualify to apply for a Mortgage loan at ZNBS?

ZNBS was established to help increase the housing stock in the country through mortgage financing. Therefore, all mortgage loans provided by the institution are for purposes of building, buying or making upgrades to a residential house. We do not offer mortgage for purposes of business operations.

Do I need a title deed to get a Mortgage ? What other security documents do you accept for a mortgage?

Yes you need to have title to obtain a mortgage from ZNBS. The plot on which you plan to build or the house you want to buy should have a title deed. This is because any mortgage disbursed, by virtue of its meaning, must have property pledged as collateral. Unless you decide to pledge another property as collateral, the house you are buying or building will be taken in as security or collateral. Hence it should be on title legally obtained. Other security documents that we accept include a Land Record Card and an Occupancy License.

How much do I qualify for ?

The mortgage ceiling (maximum amount) is K1,500,000. However, the amount you can borrow is determined by 50% calculated off your net income. If, for instance, your net income is K10,000, 50% of this amount is K5,000 and this is the amount to be used to calculate how much you can borrow.

Is the ZNBS Mortgage for civil servants only ?

No, it is for any one who meets all requirements.

Can I apply for a Mortgage from your branches ?

Yes . You can apply for a mortgage at any of the 22 ZNBS branches across the country.

What is your loan to debt ratio ?


How much can ZNBS finance ?

We can finance up to K1,500,000 maximum. However, that is determined by your net income. If its outright purchase it is 100%, for construction we give stage payments.

Do I need to open an account to apply for a mortgage ?

Yes you do. You can either open a mortgage fixed account or a mortgage shares account. But there are other savings accounts that you can consider. Visit your nearest ZNBS branch and you will be given all the informational about the various accounts you can choose from.

How do I make the repayments ?

There are two options to making your repayments. Either through post dated cheques or through standing instructions with your bank.

Are your mortgages insured against death and permanent disability ?

ZNBS only facilitates House Owners Insurance policy which insures the mortgaged property. This policy does NOT cover the loan in the event of death or permanent disability to the borrower. However, customers are encouraged to take up Credit Life which covers the loan with an insurance company of their choice.

What is the minimum mortgage amount and maximum mortgage amount a person can borrow?

Minimum amount K50,000 and Maximum amount K1,500,000

What is tenure of your mortgages?

From 2 to 20 YEARS

What types of mortgages do you offer?

Outright purchase, construction, renovation.

Do you have houses for sale?

NO,we only finance the purchase of houses.

Can I get a mortgage at 60 years of age ?

Yes if you have a contract. If, for instance, you have a 5 year contract and you have served 1 year, the mortgage will run for the remaining period of the that contract.

Can I get a loan from ZNBS if I do not have collateral ?

Yes. You can get a building materials loan or a friendly loan as they do not require collateral. But you cannot get a Mortgage without Collateral.