Stop Order Account

This Account is specially developed to encourage salaried workers like you to save for a period of time and prosper by not only earning Interest but acquire that dream item of yours. ZNBS is a bank that will not only protect your money but help it grow.


collect a Stop Order form from any ZNBS Branch, fill in your details, have it stamped and instruct your employer to remit your contributions every month. Stop-Order Application Form) With your first contribution you can call on the Branch, with your pay slip, recent postcard-size photo and a valid copy of your National Registration Card

Account Benefits

You need not to visit the Branch to deposit. All deductions are done through payroll.

After 6 months, you will have saved for that item you so much wanted.

Interest is calculated on your daily balance.

Plan your family's bright future - educational finance

Account history statements detailing your transactions

It qualifies you for a short-term friendly loan

Terms and Conditions

Withdrawals are only allowed after (6)six monthly contributions

Minimum contribution is K50.00

Minimum Account Balance- K40.00

Monthly Account Maintenance Charge - K8.00

Inter-Branch withdraw charge-K15.00

Competitive Interest Rates